We offer project and program management services.

process-optimizationConducting your programs to success in the today complex business context requires relentless focus on excellence and target-orientation. Fidelis’ 361° transformation methodology is designed to maximize value generation out of transformation programs in organizations and to deliver outputs that create an immediate impact and a lasting advantage.

With the Fidelis’ 361° Transformation methodology, Fidelis helps organisations in starting earlier and going farther in the usual program lifecycle beyond the traditional boundaries of the program daily business. Fidelis’ 361° is designed to ensure that the fruits of the transformation still persistent even after the official closure of the initiative.

Fidelis supports its clients in all the different levels of the organisation hierarchy, ranging from CEO to project or program managers responsible for the daily project operation.
Here is a list of concrete transformation program management services that Fidelis offers:

Digital Transformation Management

Digital Transformation Management

  • Project management office
  • Project portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Coaching of projects and client project managers
  • Quality monitoring and quality insurance
  • Project Audits
  • Change/Transformation management


  • A senior team of certified project and program managers with PMP and/or Prince2 certifications
  • Strong industry focus in retails, automobile, financial, telecommunications and public Services
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