Business processes build a core in the entreprise structure. Make your process adaptable and let it able to change as the business context evolves. Key levers to enable business flexibility are services such as: continuous process documentation or modelling, analysis, optimization, change, automation.

Documentation or modelling
Why modelling of processes is important?
  • Communication purpose: the modeled processes will help understanding the flow of work or
    Organization and Process Charting Concept

    Organization and Process Charting Concept

    communicating between actors within a value chain of your entreprise. Further it may help identifying involved organisations, locations, information systems and infrastructures and quickly detecting anomalities  It is the starting point of each process optimization initiative.

  • Optimization purpose: the modelled processes will help understanding process performance, prevent problems, develop solutions and aligning daily activities to business strategy.

Fidelis’ partners and teams have several years of experiences working in process optimization initiative. They might help clients in producing process models – so-called process cartography – that are tailored to specific needs of organisations. Hereby Fidelis consultants are experts using different techniques for moderating workshops and conducting interviews. Fidelis are experts using different process modeling notation – such as BPMN, EPC, UML, etc. – and platforms such as Software AG ARIS, Casewise Corporate Modeler Suite, Mega Suite, Adonis and many other leading BPMS platforms.

Process analysis and optimization
Unlocking the potential within your core business processes?

Based on well-known methods for process analysis and optimization such as Lean Sigma, 6-Sigma, continuous process improvement, Fidelis has developed a simple and flexible approach called Fidelis Process Improvement Method (Fidelis’ PRIME). Fidelis’ PRIME relies on a set of qualitative and quantitative process analysis techniques derived from standard ones. Fidelis business consultants are “BPM PRIME certified”. The results of their work are persistent and measurable.

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Change management
Why is systematic change management important for staying ahead of the competition?

Successful change management brings all impacted parties on-board and invites them to participate in making changes successful; it drives inter-departmental teambuilding, and ensures buy-in from relevant stakeholder groups across an organization.

What methods and techniques do We employ for your organizational change Management?

Part of the PRIME approach is the “Vision -Action – Control” triangle for managing challenges associated digital transformation initiatives.

Remember that a huge number projects are not successfully completed because of the non-ability of the project team to implement change management as an own stream in the project structure.

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